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    Sandy Swanson

    Tom and I would love to sign a Birthday Card to OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP! we are so proud of him and his gorgeous wife along with his beautiful family! We love seeing Barron with his Mother and Father and hope he will enjoy the years to come, living in the White House. We support OUR PRESIDENT and will all the way! GOD is with him and we continue to pray for him and his family, also for VICE PRESIDENT PENCE and his family! We send all our love to PRESIDENT TRUMP ON HIS BIRTHDAY AND PRAY IT WILL BE A WONDERFUL DAY FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY, ❤️ to all, Tom and Sandy Swanson

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    Happy Birthday 71st. Mr. President ??????I pray you have a great day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family daily. I know God wants you to lead this
    Country and rid it of the trouble that is here now. I know you can do it and that God will be by
    Your side at all times.so God bless you and your family daily.


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    Glenn and Marie Bond

    Happy birthday Mr Trump, may God bless you with many more birthdays. You are always in our prayers, thank you for putting up with all the craziness going on around you. We stand behind you 100 percent .

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    Peggy Fletcher

    Happy ? Birthday ?. President Trump. ??????? God Bless you and your family. Pray and walk and talk with God daily.

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    Ruth Lamey

    Happy Birthday to a great man. It’s good to have someone who cares about the people and our great country. God Bless you and your beautiful family.????????

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    Ruth Lamey

    Happy Birthday Mr.President

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    Happy Birthday Mr President
    So proud I can call you my President, You are one we can be proud of as our leader.
    Wishing you the best in years to come and will be supporting you as my president
    and very proud of you and your family.

    God Bless you on your Special Day
    and all the days to come.

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      Rebecca Snyder

      Happy birthday Mr President. You keep fighting for us and we will stand strong with you Have a great birthday and a peaceful term. God bless you.

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    Mary Dispennette

    President Trump. Happy Happy Birthday . I too as many are proud to call you my President. I attended one of your rallies in Ft Myers, Florida and the unity of all us Deplorables was so awesome. So far you have been an outstanding President and i know you will continue to drain the swamp of the infection that lives in it. Do not listen to the media or the nay sayer snowflakes, they are only for themselves. There are more people for you than against. Keep up the great work, hold your head up high. Your people are praying and covering you and your family in protection, favor and wisdom. We are already looking forward not only to the next 4 years but to the next 8 years. Keep your ear open to hearing what God’s direction is for this country. Keep God first and all the other things will come together. Thank you for loving our country the way you do. May your special day and everyday be a blessing from God the Father. Someday i want to shake your hand and give you such a big hug. love the Trump family!!!!!!!! Mary Dispennette

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    Agnes Fisher

    Happy Birthday to our Great President Donald Trump , I’m so happy to call you my President you are doing a Great Job , you have a Wonderful family that supports you and loves you and millions of people do too, have a great day ??????

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    Paulette Cooper

    Happy Birthday President Trump! We are so proud of you and your family. We support you 100%.

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    Happy Birthday to our President so happy to call you my president your are doing a great job. millions of supports love you keep your eyes on Jesus, and he will show you the way. Have a great day.

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    Joe and Terri

    Happy Birthday Mr. President. May God bless you and your family with peace and wisdom to know what to do with this country.

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    Happy Birthday Mr PRESIDENT!!! I am very happy to call you my PRESIDENT, and I keep You in my Prayers all the time!!! My you and your family be truly blessed!!!

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    Lisa lapastina

    Mr Donald J TRUMP our President I want to wish you a Happy birthday may all your wishes and dreams come true! GOD BLESS YOU! And thank you for all you are doing for our country and the American people!

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    Carolyn Sanford

    Happy Birthday Mr President! I hope your birthday is a very special day! Please know my prayers and support are with you each and every day. Thank you for all your efforts to bring this/our country back again to the Great Country it used to be! May God Bless you and be your strength each and every day!

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    Jo annspiker

    Happy birthday mr. President. Have many more and good luck to you.


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